for Solo Bassoon, Two Percussionists and Strings in Five Parts



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In September 1940, four young men and a dog set out on an adventure to find lost treasure.  Although they did indeed happen upon a truly priceless treasure, it was not what they had hoped to find.  Within days of their discovery, news had spread and people were flocking to see the ancient, but newly discovered, paintings.  The cave of Lascaux became known as the “Sistine Chapel” of Prehistoric Art.
Located on private property, the Count of LaRochefoucault began the first commercial exploitation of the cave.  By 1948, tours brought as many as one thousand people each day through Lascaux.

Unfortunately, carbon dioxide, from the breath of thousands of people, began to build in the cave.  At times, the levels were so high that visitors passed out from the toxicity.  Condensation formed causing moisture to run down the precious paintings.  Mold, calcite and even an ill-conceived ventilation system have plagued and damaged this unique piece of human history ever since.


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