for Trumpet, Soprano Saxophone, Percussion, Piano and strings in five parts.  (30:00)



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Also available for full orchestra or Tpt, Sax, Perc. & two pianos.  Please contact for more information.


"The music is beautiful, evocative, mysterious, sensuous…" -American Record Guide (March/April 2013)

"The timbres used are fascinating and sophisticated" - International Trumpet Guild Journal, March 2013

Commissioned by James Ackley.
Funded in part by a University of South Carolina Provost's Research Grant and a consortium of arts supporters.

Recorded by The Palmetto Camerata, featuring James Ackley (trumpet).  World premiere performance courtesy of The Columbus Ballet and The Palmetto Camerata.  DVD by The Ipswich Moving Co. and The Palmetto Camera.

"The Girl in White" is the story of a young man, Ambrosio, who learns to love against all odds...even unto death.  Until The Girl in White appears, Ambrosio is only concerned with the superficial - beautiful clothing, a fancy event, a drink on one side and beautiful woman on the other.  This is love to Ambrosio but he is mistaken.  It will take the loss of everything for him to realize what is important.

“The Girl in White” is loosely based in Mexican folklore.  As respected members of the community, Ambrosio and Karime’s arrival at the Grand Fiesta is filled with greetings and honorable bows.  However, a strange and beautiful woman in white appears and captures Ambrosio’s attention.  Although “The Girl in White” makes Ambrosio think she is playing hard-to-get, we are unable to ignore the possibility that everything unfolds exactly according to plan.


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