for Three Voices, Trumpet, and Chamber ensemble


“heartbreaking in its intensity" - International Trumpet Guild


“.Gabriel” is simply a beautifully lyric opera that deals with contemporary issues; it is emotionally engaging and aurally satisfying.  [The] music is intimate and inviting, and the poignant thematic material suggests a certain relevance to our everyday society that simply cannot be ignored. - American Record Guide


“[.Gabriel’s] emphasis on the computer as a poor substitute for genuine social interaction makes it firmly an opera for our time . . . Fascinating. - Fanfare Magazine


commissioned by

Australian Trumpet Guild


for the

35th Annual Conference of the International Trumpet Guild, 2010

Sydney, Australia



2010 Boston Metro Opera Mainstage Award


this work was funded in part by the

Composer Assistance Program of the American Music Center


recorded by The Palmetto Camerata

featuring James Ackley (trumpet) and Tina Milhorn Stallard (soprano)


world premiere performance courtesy of

Opera Australia and the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra

featuring Joshua Clarke (trumpet) and Jane Parkin (soprano)

directed by Tony Legge


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.GABRIEL (Opera featuring Trumpet)

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