for Trumpet and Audio Recording


In a fascinating reversal of roles, the ambient sounds of our daily lives take center stage in this series of electroacoustic compositions, accompanied by recorded and live performers.



The first moments of this composition feature a lamenting trumpet melody, gently floating on the sounds of water recorded near the reef of Norman's Woe, Gloucester Harbor, Massachusetts (filtering through Dog Bar Breakwater), the whistle buoy ("groaner") and bell buoy, church bells and ship's cannons.


"Such was the wreck of the Hesperus, In the midnight and the snow! Christ save us all from a death like this, On the reef of Norman's Woe! "


The final stanza of Longfellow's poem captures the unimaginable strength and fury of the sea, and the terrible price that has been paid by so many who have set sail upon her, or reaped the bounty that hides beneath her glittering surface.

BUOYS AND GULLS (Trumpet and Audio)

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