for Trumpet and Audio Recording


In a fascinating reversal of roles, the ambient sounds of our daily lives take center stage in this series of electroacoustic compositions, accompanied by recorded and live performers.


Robert J. Bradshaw’s “Birds of the Windy City, Part I” was inspired by the composer’s trips to Chicago and discussions with John Hagstrom about the nature, perception, and unrealized potential of music for solo trumpet (with special attention paid to electroacoustic possibilities).  Bradshaw lives in the Boston area and although he has traveled to many places around the world, every time he visits Chicago he is struck by the unique sound of the city.  He also wanted to make a musical connection between his surroundings and his experience in Chicago.  An avid photographer and one who enjoys exploring nature, he was inspired by the Chicago Audubon Society’s “Birds of the Windy City” booklet.  Bradshaw chose birds whose calls he was already was familiar with and then set about transcribing them into musical notation.  The composition process was an exciting and unique experience, blending and weaving original recordings of the birds singing, transcriptions and music inspired by the songs, recordings made in Chicago (ambient cityscape audio), and digital audio processing.  Bradshaw calls on the trumpet to modify its sound in a number of ways, including processing similar to how we typically hear an electric guitar in rock music.  The solo part is not meant to be a direct imitation of the calls (although this does occur at certain moments in the score) but rather a reflection on the mingling of natural and manmade sounds both imagined and drawn from first-hand experience.


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